Back in September I decided to start working on a nine patch quilt for a young man I know. He wants a red and blue checkerboard quilt for Christmas. I had just found out a new (to me) way of making nine patch blocks. So I picked out some fabrics.
I cut nine inch blocks. Matched up one red and one blue. Sewed 1/4″ seams on two opposite sides of the blocks.
Cut each block into thirds (3″ strips) Sewed the center pieces onto the already sewn pieces to have one red-blue-red set and one blue-red-blue set. Matched them together and sewed 1/4″ seams perpendicular to the first seams. Cut in thirds. Sew center strips to already sewn strips and Viola! two nine patch blocks!
Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the finished blocks. It’s on my to-do list. I’ve sewn enough blocks to make three twin size quilts. One that is red and blue for my young friend. The other two are for guests beds in the loft. They are red, white and blue.
I was really working hard on these quilts until I got the blocks for my Friendship quilt. Now I’m so anxious to finish that one and I’ve put the other ones on hold.
I’ve made a resolution to get caught up on my UFO’s, so I’ll be sharing more of them here in an effort to keep motivated.