I’m hoping that posting all these works in progress will be a way to motivate myself to get them finished. Tell me, does it work for anyone else? I’ve been searching through all the nooks and crannies and every time I think that I’ve found all of them, I find one more!

This one is a Christmas quilt that I started a few years ago. I finished the center portion in just a couple evenings. It’s stitched and flipped on the batting, so those blocks were quilted as I put them together.
Then I got the brilliant idea to add the borders to make it a larger lap quilt. I used fusible web to put the scallops and flowers on the background pieces. Then I used my machine to buttonhole stitch around all of the pieces. I outline quilted around the scallops and did actually finish the two end border pieces. One of the side border pieces is not completely quilted.
But the whole project came to a grinding halt when I couldn’t decide how to make the corner blocks. It took me a few weeks to figure out what I wanted to do. Surely then I would have completed it, right? Wrong!
My thoughts were to make a square with a flower in the center and then strips of all the fabrics to form a diamond log cabin around the flower. (Does that make sense to anyone?) Anyway, I was all set to make my corner blocks and get the whole thing finished and . . . I could not find the yellow fabric that I used for the center of the flowers!!
Well call me crazy (a lot of people do!!) but I just couldn’t do anything. So this has been sitting on a shelf for over two years waiting for me to find the fabric for the center of the flowers. All I need is a 2″ square of yellow fabric to make the four centers. Do you think I could just use something else that is close enough? Of course not! It has to be the same fabric as the other flowers. I know I have the fabric somewhere. But it’s hiding from me and I’m not going to find it until it wants to be found.
Maybe the good quilting fairy will make it float to the top of whatever pile it is hiding in!