. . to hide!!!

This came in a package yesterday. I wasn’t quick enough and darling hubby spotted it. Try to explain why you just have to have nine MORE pieces of fabric. I told him to look on the positive side – I only bought a half yard of each! I think I’m going to have to struggle through with the fabric that I have in my stash and not buy anymore for a while. Since it threatens to overwhelm me as it is, I guess I’ll manage.
I was really happy to find the panel with the Abe Lincoln picture. The Civil War Diary quilt has at least two blocks that I know of, that used his picture as the center. The panel also has pictures of General Grant and General Lee. I wonder why the designer didn’t include President Davis. One of life’s mysteries, I guess. I’ll start that project one of these days. I think I should try to finish a few others first. But at least when I do start it, I’ll have a real good selection of fabric!!
I was working on my birthday quilt until just a little bit ago. Darling daughter wanted to make herself a little makeup bag for her purse. Since there isn’t room for more than one person to work in the sewing studio, she is in there now. I’m exhausted anyway. The dogs woke me up at 2:00 this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Now I am about ready to drop.