Here’s a little project that I started after seeing an antique quilt that was made up of tiny little half square triangles. Each of these blocks finishes out to 4″ square. At first I thought about making this with reproduction fabric, so that it would look old. But then I decided that the original was made with whatever scraps the quilter had. So I figured I might as well do the same. Some time, many years from today, someone will look at these tiny little blocks and be fascinated with the “old” fabrics that I used. Of course, this is assuming that I ever get this made into a finished quilt! I doubt seriously that I will make this into a bed size quilt. But then again, I said the same thing about my Tea Leaves quilt and now I have enough pieces cut out to make a bed size quilt!! I really like big quilts – they seem more like “real” quilts to me. I have made small quilts and I’ll probably make more, but my favorite type of quilt is one that I can wrap up in.
Well, our football team is playing. I think I’ll work on another circle while the guys win (I hope, I hope)