I had so many things to get done today. Had to take mom to a Dr. appointment. That took most of the afternoon. In the morning I had to meet with a customer to go over some issues we’ve been having. I thought I’d be able to relax when I got home, but that was just crazy thinking! Darling Husband and I had to go out to pick up the meat we had ordered from our favorite butcher. We got half a beef all cut, wrapped and frozen except for about 30 pounds. DH wanted to have some canned beef, so I have on the stove now. I might be able to stitch a little between canner loads, if no one comes up with something else to occupy my time!!

A few days back I talked about the red and blue checkerboard quilt that I’m making for a young man I know. Here are some of the blocks for it. I want to have it done for Christmas, so I really need to get moving on it. Since I want to finish my birthday quilt first, I have got to have more time in the studio!! DH is just going to have to understand that the dishes and dusting are not the most important things to get done in the evenings!