I’m ready to do some serious sewing this evening. I stayed up to midnight on Tuesday to can some beef for DH. Here’s the result of the hard work –

14 quarts of yummy canned beef. Hubby better appreciate it!!
I’ve worked all day yesterday and today getting things done around the house. Today I spent a significant amount of time trying to straighten up the disaster that is my sewing studio!! Why does everything end up there? I found so many things that needed to find another home. But it still didn’t make a dent in the mess. I think I can now walk from the design wall to the sewing machine without tripping, so I must have accomplished something!!
Speaking of my design wall, if you’ve looked closely at some of the pictures you may notice that my wall isn’t one piece. The only place that would work for my wall was the bi-fold doors on the closet. There is a full length closet taking up one wall of my studio and there are three sets of bi-fold doors across it. I decided to put foam panels covered with batting on each door. When the doors are closed I have a 90″ x 72″ design wall. The biggest drawback to this system is that my fabrics are stored in the closet! If I have a project on the wall and I need to access more fabric it can be problematic. Fortunately, with the foam backing, I can pin pieces in place and then open the doors without everything flying off.
Now I’m going to work on my birthday quilt. I only have a small amount of pieces to sew to get it to the flimsy stage. There are still a few blocks out in the mail. I hope that they get back to me soon. (You know who you are – sign them and mail them back now!!!) I’m all ready to sit down and sew for the rest of the evening. I have some music playing, a candle lit and my cup of tea. Today I’m drinking Acai Green Tea by Revolution. My favorite flavor is their Honeybush Caramel, but I decided to shake things up a little bit. The only thing I’m lacking is some chocolate – surely I can find some somewhere in this place!!
Happy Stitching!