A few days back I posted a picture of four blocks that were not finished. I had made them for corner blocks for a quilt. Here is that quilt.

I started this in January of 2009 and finished it in August of 2009, just in time to enter it in the local fair. I won a blue ribbon for it. I got the idea from a quilt in a magazine. The pattern in the magazine alternated two versions of the New York Beauty pattern.

In these two blocks the upper left corners of each were the two original patterns. But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I decided to draft out more variations and make it a much more random pattern. This was all done with paper piecing on the arcs with all the points. Then there were curved seams to set in all the arcs. Once I finished each block, I quilted them (by hand!) then set them together with the thin strips between each block.

This shows the corner of the border. I think it looks better with just a plain border. The corner blocks would have been not quite right. This is one of the most intricate quilts that I have actually finished.
Well, I spent a long day at the office today. So I’m going to neglect the housework and go to my studio to relax.