I was not really sure if I wanted to share the following with you. But I thought, for the sake of honesty, I should bite the bullet and confess all. My last post mentioned that the sewing studio is “untidy” to say the least. Well, this is what it really looks like.

This is the view as you look in the door. Notice my sewing machine on the table right at the entrance. At this time that is the only place for it and I cannot keep the office chair there for sitting down and sewing. Every time I want to sew I have to roll the chair in from the adjoining guest bedroom, then move it out of the way when I’m done.

My cutting table. Is it any wonder I can’t get much accomplished?

Please bear in mind that I did just empty a cabinet that was in the corner where the empty bookcase stands now. I could never open the cabinet doors, so I switched it with the bookcase. I’m now in the process of putting things (neatly back on the shelves.

Unfortunately, I have to go through the stuff on the floor to decide what needs to go on the shelves and what needs to go in the trash. (According to DH – ALL trash!!) Since it isn’t likely that I will take his advice and throw it all away, I’ve decided to work counter clockwise around the room, starting at the empty bookcase. I’ve gone through all the things on the other bookcase and moved the items to keep to the empty one. I have a box of books and other items that I plan on selling and/or donating to a thrift store.

I really need to tackle the mess on the floor, so that I can access the other sewing machine and the cutting table. The final step is the cutting table – above and below. I think I’d like to start looking for a different table for in this room. Since I have a small area, I really need a table with good storage underneath. This is a folding table and the legs are not conducive to storage.

Well, much as I’d love to just sit here and tell you all about what I’d like accomplish, I better set to accomplishing!!!