I’ve been working on the checkerboard quilt. I’ve got the blocks sewn together in six sections.

Since I do machine quilting and I only have a home sewing machine, I can’t really put the whole quilt together and then quilt it. I plan on doing stipple quilting on each section and then sew each section together. I can machine sew the sections together on the front only. Then I’ll hand sew the backing. I can watch television and do that at the same time.
I’m still working on cleaning up the mess in the studio. It’s slow going. And I’m mad at myself for knocking my iron off the ironing board. I kept bumping into the ironing board and then having to grab for the iron so it wouldn’t fall off. One time I was too slow at grabbing. The iron fell off and the handle is now loose from the base. Worse yet, it doesn’t shut all the way off when I turn it off. Ask me how I found out about that.

Fortunately I had only left it for a short time. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had left the house for the day.

This is Honcho and Honey, the furry children. I just snapped this picture on Friday. This is one of the few times that they actually lay down together.
On Saturday, Honey (the white one) decided to make a dash for freedom, but instead ran in front of a vehicle. She was a very lucky dog and only got clipped by a tire. She’s badly bruised and may have a hairline fracture in her pelvis. But she’s doing well.