Since Bev and Barb couldn’t get away to join me at the cabin, I decided to go see them. Well, I invited myself to stay with Bev and hoped that Barb could stop by. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do that. But Bev and I got a few things done. She worked on a Christmas gift for a friend and a miniature hexie quilt that needed to be quilted and bound. I worked on a gift for my mom and a cloth box that I thought would be a clever way to present a gift card. I will try to finish the box, but it’s the only one I’m going to make. It takes too much time to finish – at least the way that I was finishing it does!! Since I have a number of people that are receiving gift cards, I need to think of another way to present them. I do have some spare Christmas cards to fall back on, but I’d like to do something a little more imaginative than that! Any suggestions?