I’m getting the checkerboard quilt closer to being finished. Here are some pictures to explain the process I use to do the machine quilting. As I’ve said before, I’ve sewn the blocks into sections. There are six sections that I’ve quilted. Then I sew two sections together just on the top layer.

I made sure I kept my quilting stitches at least a 1/2″ from the edges so that I would have enough room to keep the batting and backing out of the way.

Then I trimmed and basted the batting so that it will lay flat under the seam.

Here is the back seam, pinned and ready to be hand sewn.

And here is the back seam after I’ve stitched it down.
I’ve only got two more sections to sew and then the binding. Then – Woo Hoo! – I’ll have a finished quilt.
Happy Stitching – I’m going to the studio.