I’ve completed the third block for the Civil War Diary quilt.

This is called “Conscript Law” I finished it this morning. The first thirteen blocks are based on entries in the diary of Rachel Young King Anderson who was a lady that lived in Greene County Missouri.

So far, it seems that allowing three days per block is working out. I started the fourth block and we’ll see if I can finish it within the three days. There are 65 pieces in this next block!!!
Actually, there aren’t 65 individual pieces because I decided to applique some of the smaller pieces onto a larger piece instead of trying to cut and sew together.

The tiny little strips of white are appliquéd onto one blue rectangle. It reminds me of the tiny vines that Barb has done. There are eight rectangles to make and then set with red triangles to make the block! I’ve worked all afternoon to make two rectangles!! I’ll be in the office all day tomorrow, so I won’t have much sewing time. See why I’m not sure about staying on schedule?