Went out this morning with my good friend, Julie. Did a little shopping, exchanged some Christmas gifts and had a delicious chicken salad at a Cheddar’s restaurant. Spent most of the time talking about all the things going on in our lives. Great day!!
I’m still working on cleaning up the studio. It’s slow going, cause there is SO-O-O much!!! Went through the boxes that I got from Beverly and looked at the other treasures inside.

This is a small piece of vintage fabric that will work in my Tea Leaves quilt. I washed and pressed it and will cut the pieces one of these days when I’ve got a few minutes (when is that, exactly?)

I’m not sure what to do with this piece. It’s a nicely embroidered penny square that has seen better days. It looks as if some calico has bled it’s colors onto the square. It also had mold growing on it. So sad. I hate to throw it away, cause I like the funky cat. At least that’s what I think this is. Does any one have any ideas of what could be done with this poor little orphan?

I’m almost done the fourth CWD quilt block. I’ve been hand sewing all the blocks. I decided this morning to hunt for my thimble, cause I’ve got a terrible sore finger tip from pushing the needle so much! I think I’ll have it finished on schedule tomorrow.