I keep sorting through the things in the studio. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what to do with most of it. Or rather, I can’t think of parting with most of it. So it sits there, maybe moved to another spot in the room, but still ‘there’.

These blocks were in the box from Beverly.

I think that something should be done with them.

But what?

And do I need to be the one to do it?

This was attached to the blocks. Who was Florence Young? And how could she have pieced a dozen blocks together that appear to be made of fabrics from the 1930’s when she died in 1919? At least that is what I assume the notation of (d. 1919) means.

I’ve started on the fifth block for the CWD quilt. It’s a fairly simple one and will be finished with plenty of time to spare before the 15th. That gives me a little time to work on other projects in an effort to finish another WIP.