I am ready to move south so that I don’t have to put up with any more snow! I hurt my back when I was out clearing snow off the porch and now I can’t really stand up straight. Basically any move I make causes pain in my lower back. I can manage to sew by hand. I wanted to do some machine work, but I can’t handle much of that. So I don’t think I’m going to get any WIP’s finished anytime soon.

I did go through a few more things in the box. These were all grouped together in a gallon zip lock bag (I didn’t count how many pieces there are). The green hexagons need a center pieced in – at the bottom of the picture I tried out a yellow. I think that looks pretty good. The pink stars need the outside diamonds to finish them. I don’t know if these were meant to go into one quilt, but there’s not enough of either to make much of a quilt. I’m thinking since they were all together and appear to be all the same size, that they would work together into one big quilt. This picture is just a sample of the ones in the bag.

These are also a sample of pieces grouped in a zip lock bag. Yeah! A double wedding ring. That’s a pattern I’ve always wanted to do. And now I’ve been handed a whole bunch of the arcs mostly all pieced together. There’s another bag with lots of scraps already cut to size, so I can add to any of the arcs that need more pieces  (I think you can tell from the picture that there are some like that.) This one will definitely go on the WIP list!