I have a love/hate relationship with mending. On one hand I hate it. It’s always tedious to repair something. But part of me likes to make something that was in disrepair useful again.
I’m not sure if completing a mending project can be counted as a finish, but I’m going to go for it. If the quilt blog police show up at my door, I’ll think about removing it from my list!

I received a pair of flannel PJ pants for Christmas in 2008. I wore them once, then Honey decided to chew a hole in them. They’ve been in the “to-be-mended” pile ever since. I practically live in my PJs when I’m working from home, so I finally repaired these.

Here is the latest installment in the Civil War Diary quilt. #7 – Battle of Springfield. This one went together fairly quickly. The next one is more challenging.
So far, I am keeping to my three days per block rule.