Sorry I haven’t been around lately. DH hasn’t been feeling well and, of course, the world has to come to a halt! Why are men such babies when they are sick? And he hasn’t even been REAL sick, just feeling yucky. But he expects to be waited on and pampered (he gets disappointed a lot!)

#8 in the series – “Hungry Soldiers” I had it done on the 24th, I just didn’t have time to post about it. I also put this one together slightly differently than the pattern in the book. The two points at the top of the block should be pointing down instead of up. Again, C’est la vie, I’m not going to un-sew anything unless it is REALLY wrong. This doesn’t look bad at all, so it stays.

We’re getting a pretty good snow storm right now. Certain people that wanted to get snowed in at the cabin have missed another opportunity! Those certain someones should let me know what their schedule is looking like and we’ll try for the next storm.