I am now running behind. I am sorry to report that I have not finished the quilt block for today. I started it. The pieces are all cut and a few are sewn together. Here’s what it looks like right now.

After I get done here, I am going to sit down and sew! I don’t like setting a precedent for putting things off – especially at the beginning of the year!
I do have a semi-excuse for my delay in sewing. I was doing a bit of clearing out. There are a number of boxes in my master BR closet that should actually be in the sewing studio. I went through them and discarded some, then put the rest away. While I was sorting, I found . . . .

. . a blast from the past! This is a sampler I started many years ago and I’d like to finish it. Guess I’ll add it to the WIP list. Also,

another project I started sometime in the 90’s. This just needs to be assembled and I can give Katy her Christmas stocking. Sorry the pictures aren’t in real good focus, I think it’s a combination of not very good lighting, shaky hands and a cheap camera.

I’m going to go sew now!