It has been really hectic for the past couple weeks. I usually only work one day per week outside of my home. But I’ve been working almost every day at that job. Then, of course, I still have the work that I do here to take care of. I’ve just barely been able to keep up with the Civil War Diary quilt blocks.

I finished block #9 -Dark Gloom

Here is block#10 – Alvin McClure

Block #11 – Greenfield and Stockton
This completes the first row of blocks. I need to decide what fabric to use for the sashing. Then I can assemble each row as I get the blocks done.

This is block #12 – Sorrow (Thanks, Bev, for all the trimmings you gave me – they’ve been just perfect for this project!)
I have the 13th block started and I hope to finish it tonight, which will put me back on schedule.