I know I haven’t been posting very much but I’ve got a really good reason. I’ve got “walking pneumonia”!!
Last week I was bragging to DH that I haven’t been sick because I’ve been taking my vitamins. So, of course, the next day I had to get a scratchy throat. It quickly developed into a bad cold and then pneumonia. That will teach me to brag about something!! I’m on antibiotics now and am starting to feel human again.

I have managed to do some sewing. I finished block #13 – Gloomy Prospects

and block #14 – Feeding the Rebels.
But I haven’t even started on #15 which should have been done on Monday or #16, which should have been done today. I was supposed to go to the office tomorrow, but my boss told me to take until Monday to get better. So I’ll stay home for a three day weekend and maybe, (MAYBE) I can get caught up.
Wish me luck!!