Still coughing and wheezing a little, but getting better. Thank the Lord!!! I really hate being sick. Unfortunately, DH is down with the same stuff and we all know how miserable a man can be when he has a cold! Not getting nearly as much done as I would like.
I’ve got two more blocks done on the CWD quilt but I haven’t taken any pictures of them yet. The camera needs new batteries and no one has felt well enough to go to the store!
I have some more projects to add to the WIP list.

I made this cross wallhanging for a skit that we were putting on at our church. We had to have a big selection of decorative crosses and this was my contribution. The center of the cross was actually a trial run of a kaleidescope project that never went any further than the trial run.

The original plan called for making the octagon and then adding triangles to the four corners to make blocks. I thought I could (sometime) make blocks like that and use the cross for a center medallion. This one probably won’t get done for a while.