I didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted and I am very sorry. It seems like we can’t seem to shake this stretch of illness. DH was feeling better, but this morning he was sick again. It’s just a bad cold, but still he can’t seem to shake it. And I’ve hit a roadblock on the CWD quilt. A stupid one!
I was all caught up and even had pieces cut for a number of blocks in advance so that I thought I’d get ahead for a little while. But it didn’t work out that way.
I started sewing the next block in the series . . .

Block #20 - Victuals

when I realized that I hadn’t cut 4 small pieces. Now you know and I know that it would have been simple to go to the studio, find the fabric and cut those 4 pieces. But did I do it? Nope! It took me a week and a half to do something so simple. Obviously, I’ve finally finished that block (it should have been finished on 3/1/2011)

Block #21 - News

I finished this one almost immediately (should have been done on 3/4/2011)  and have started the next (should have been done on 3/7/2011). So I’m behind on the CWD quilt.
In my self-defense, I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning while I was stalled on the quilt blocks. And I’ve been working on the rental house as much as possible too. Hopefully that will be ready for tenants soon.
On another note, Son #3 had given us tickets as a Christmas gift, to a show at our favorite cafe. That show was last night. We went to see “California Guitar Trio” at the Purple Fiddle.  www.purplefiddle.com

California Guitar Trio

I know the picture isn’t that great – I really need a camera that can function in low light situations.

Darling Hubby and Loving Son

This was at the start of the evening.

This was at the end!!
No, it was just a bad photo, but I couldn’t resist the joke! Anyway, we had an awesome time. And lest you think that I don’t think about quilting all the time . . .

. . . I had to get a shot of this old quilt block that was hanging on the wall. Who knows, some day I may make a quilt with that as an inspiration!