I thought I was doing really well, making progress with cleaning up in the studio. Then, this evening happens! I went to do something very simple. I was going to get my Tea Leaves pieces and put some of the circles together. Easy, right? I have everything all in one box so it shouldn’t be too hard. So I go in and get the box, which is right on the shelf where I put it. And on the table is some fabric that I want to cut some more pieces out of. All I need is the template. I thought it was in the box with everything else. But I thought wrong. It’s no where to be found!!
I looked through all the stuff piled up on top of the cutting table and in some of the other likely places that it might be. No luck. Now what? I know I can always trace around some of the existing pieces to be able to make more pieces, but what an aggravation, when I have a perfectly good metal template that I can use to rotary cut the pieces.
OK, thanks for letting me blow off steam. I feel better now. I’m going to go watch “The Waltons” and sew some circles together (I don’t need to cut any pieces to do that!)

I love this, which is a quote from Bonnie Hunter, “I love quilts. BIG quilts. I don’t have a lot of use in my life for table runners or tiny quilts resembling place mats, I need something that is going to help me dig in and clear out, giving me a quilt big enough to cover the people I love! I also love quilts with lots of little pieces”
She’s a quilter after my own heart. I check into her blog almost every day. quiltville.blogspot.com