Went to the Three Rivers Quilt Show in Pittsburgh with Bev and Barb. Thanks, Barb, for doing all the driving! There were some beautiful quilts on display.

I was very impressed with this one. It is called “Savannah’s Southern Fancies” by Edith Shaver and quilted by Linda McCuean.

Each of the blocks is hand embroidered with LOTS of detail. Just gorgeous. On her description, Ms. Shaver notes that she made this for her grand-daughter!! She must REALLY love her grand-daughter! I can’t imagine doing all that work and then giving it away.

Block #23 - Death Penalty

Here is my latest installment on the Civil War Diary quilt. I have two other blocks finished, but I haven’t taken pictures of them. There is a third one that is partially assembled. Right now I am trying to get all of the block patterns through #35 traced and cut and all of the fabric pieces cut and ready to sew. If I could finish all those blocks before next Tuesday (not tomorrow – next week) I’d be back on schedule. And since we’re going to be having a quilting retreat at the cabin this weekend, I just might be able to accomplish that (or, at least, come close!)