Besides quilting (which is a big part of my life) I also am responsible for a few animals. I’ve finished taking care of all of them this morning. The dogs have been out to do their business and have been fed and watered. The cats have been fed. And the new babies are all cleaned up for the day.

I’ve changed their bedding and given them fresh feed and water. They’re in the washtub right now, but they are quickly outgrowing that. I’m not sure what to do with them next. We can’t let them out in the barn yet, cause the cats will make short work of them.

We have 8 red production pullets and 4 black somethings. I forget what breed they are – but they weren’t sexed, so we could have some roosters (which I like to call dinner!)
On another note, Bev, Barb and I had a wonderful time at our quilt retreat at the cabin! They came down before lunch on Friday and we were able to spend most of the weekend getting caught up on some of our projects. We’ve decided that we need to hire “Raoul” to take care of the cooking and cleaning so that we can have more time to sew! If he could give massages that would be perfection. (Raoul is our fantasy person – not anyone that we know!)

I made a little souvenir for Bev and Barb. This is what I started with, an old manila folder that had seen better days.

I tore up scraps of scrapbook paper and glued them all over the manila folder.

Then I punched holes down the sides and sewed them together with strips of muslin. It made a nice pocket. I put a few chocolates, a Sharpie pen, a note pad and a knit dishcloth in each one.
I am almost caught up on my CWD quilt schedule. I’ll share photos of the blocks in another post.