I wish I could get into a better habit of posting regularly. I get so busy sometimes that I just don’t make the time. Then I feel guilty cause I know that someone is checking in to see updates and there aren’t any.

I’m still running behind schedule on the Civil War Diary blocks. I think I need to be up to #43 and I am still working on #40. So I’m not too far behind, but still behind.

Here’s a few more of the finished blocks. This one was pretty easy!

#32 - Church

I almost messed myself up on this. The pattern called for the center to be all made of the smallest triangle, but some of the green and white made a larger triangle. I cut the green and white to be in the larger size, then had a terrible time trying to figure out how to assemble it.

#33 - Sewing

I really like this flag block. I need to press it so that it isn’t so uneven looking.

#34 - Southern Flags and Patriotism

I took about 60 pictures of these two – this is the best I could get. Do you have any idea how uncooperative kittens in a basket can be!?!
This one is pretty good, too. I liked the way they are looking at each other.
Everybody have a great day.