It’s been busy here lately. Darling Daughter is getting ready to move to her own place, which has put everything in an uproar. It is helping me get things cleaned out, since we are outfitting her new place with excess “stuff” from here. But that means I’m going through all kinds of nooks and crannies trying to find items that she needs, that I have been keeping for just such an occasion! We still need to get her a small kitchen table with two chairs and either a futon or a love seat for the living room.
I’ve already got plans for her bedroom once she is out. I’m going to move my office in there, so it will, hopefully, no longer overrun my dining room!
I did finish block #42 of the Civil War Diary quilt the day before yesterday, but didn’t get a picture of it until this morning.

#42 - Parlor Activities

I started the next one, but I didn’t get too much done yet. Maybe this evening.

The chickens are growing! Once the weather stays warm and they are a little bigger, we’ll let them out to free-range. Right now I keep them happy by giving them trimmings from salads to peck and scratch. When we bought the chicks, the black ones were undetermined sex. We’re pretty sure this one in the front of the photo is a rooster – he likes to get up on the waterer and flap his wings like he’s the king of the mountain. Of course, he wouldn’t do anything like that while I was standing by with a camera in my hand.