Congratulations to Bev for figuring out part of where we were. We drove up to Sturbridge, Massachusetts and spent one day at the Old Sturbridge Village. We had a very nice time there and enjoyed it very much. From there we traveled to Kennebunk Maine. We stayed at the Seaside Inn which we would recommend to anyone traveling that way. There was a very nice view of the ocean from our room. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate. We had drizzly rain with occasional showers most of the time.

Despite the weather, there were still some people brave (crazy) enough to get in the water.

We drove around and saw some of the lighthouses. Unlike those that we’ve been to in North Carolina, most of the ones in Maine are not open to the public. So I don’t have very much information about them.

This is another quilt that was on display at OSV. It isn’t an antique because it was just hanging on a wall where anyone could touch it. But I still liked the little stars. It’s about the size of a big doll quilt. Sorry the picture quality isn’t that good.
I really need to get back into the schedule for my Civil War Diary quilt. I didn’t take it with me to work on while we were away. Although it is all hand sewing, it also requires a lot of pressing to tame those little tiny pieces and I didn’t want to carry an iron with me. And once we got home we had to take care of a weeks worth of work that had been postponed while we were away. Also, DD has moved out and I’m trying to sort and arrange things in my new office! So I haven’t been working on the CWD quilt. I think another quilt retreat is in needed desperately!!!