I know I told you that I haven’t been working on my CWD quilt because of various work and family commitments. And that is true – I’ve been very busy. But that isn’t the whole truth and I feel very guilty about it. I have to confess – I’ve been seeing another quilt.

Yes, I love the CWD, and yes, I want to stick with it to the finish. But I needed something more, something different.

I met this quilt about 6 years ago in American Patchwork and Quilting – December 2005 issue. It’s name is “Square Deal” I really liked it and I even cut strips for it but that was as far as it went – we were just friends.

We just didn’t click and it got buried in a basket on top of the book shelf. Then I met CWD and right away I knew this was the one for me. We started out real intense, but things began to cool off. CWD was so needy – “Sew me by hand.” “Press my little tiny pieces.” “I need more variety of fabric.” Things like that can really get to a girl! I couldn’t take it anymore! I started avoiding CWD.
Then fate stepped in. I looked in the basket and there was “Square Deal” or SD, as I like to call it, all cut and ready. I just love it’s 30’s repro fabrics, so bright and cheerful. It’s been great – SD zips through the sewing machine like a breeze, and the pieces are huge. (Don’t get me wrong – size really isn’t an issue – they’re both equally satisfying even though CWD finishes at 6″ and SD finishes at 12″)

Here’s where we are in our relationship right now, we’ve only been seeing each other for two days and the centers of all the blocks are pieced together. And I haven’t been totally neglecting CWD. I traced templates for four more blocks and picked out the fabrics for them. I even stitched a little on the current block after I’d been with SD at the sewing machine!

I’m glad I got this off my chest. I hope you can forgive me for misleading you.