Thank you to all those who have served and those who are serving their country. I appreciate all that they have sacrificed in order to preserve my freedoms.

Bev, Barb and I had a “play” date on Saturday. I was able to work a little more on my CWD quilt. I cut all the pieces for four more blocks to sew. And I finally finished this one!!

#43 – Hateful Old Thieves.
Last night I was able to start on #44 and it doesn’t seem like it will take very long to finish.
I’ve also been spending time with my other quilt ” Square Deal” I’m speeding along with that since it’s all pieced on the machine.

Remember this quilt from Old Sturbridge Village? I knew Bev would love the tiny hexies in the center panel and I fell in love with them too. Now they are becoming a fixation. I just had to play for a little bit and make one.

I love it! I know I can’t really start ANOTHER project right now. But at least I know the size I’m going to work with. I’ll also have a chance to collect more double pink fabrics so I’ll have a variety to work with.

This might give you a better idea of the scale I’m working on. The finished hexie is 5/8″ per side. I think it might be a little smaller than the hexies in the OSV quilt.

Oh, I forgot to take a picture of my leaders and enders project. While I’m working on Square Deal, I’m also using Bonnie Hunter’s idea of leaders and enders. From her blog:
“I love continuous chain piecing. I think it is one of the methods that really saves a ton of time and a ton of thread ends…..

I learned a long time ago to use a folded scrap to sew on and off of at the beginning/ending of a line of chain piecing…you would get to the end of your chaining, and sew onto this scrap, leaving it under the needle of the machine, and snip the threads between it and your piecing behind the presser foot. This always leaves SOMETHING under the foot so you dont start the next line of piecing with long threads that get tangled and get sucked down the needle hole pulling your fabric pieces with it, or worse, have to trim all those, trying to get them in the trash, but finding them ending up more on the floor, and clogging the wheels of your wheelie chair at your sewing machine as you roll over them or around the vacuum beater bar!

When you get to the end of the next chain of piecing, you put another fabric scrap though the machine and trim behind it…then you would go up to the top of the piecing you just trimmed off, removing the fabric scrap (sometimes called a ‘thread bunny’ by those who use this method) and have it ready for ending the next line of piecing.) I typically had two thread bunnies going at any given time, one would be under the foot as the ‘leader’ to start the piecing with, the next one would be the ‘ender’ as I ended. The ‘ender’ becomes the new ‘leader’ as you start the next line of piecing.

I would continue to use the same scraps to sew on and off of until they were clogged with thread, then that would STILL end up in the trash…and I would start with new ones until they were too full of thread to use anymore.

Then a lightbulb went off. I took a bin of scrap 2” squares that had been accumulating from trimming scraps down, and started using those as leaders/enders instead of a wadded up thread covered scrap. I would sew a light square to a dark square, trim off behind it…..and eventually have a stack of these little “two squares” that I would also use as leader/enders to sew into 4 patches….”

My leader/ender project is a tiny log cabin. The center is 1″ red squares (to represent the fire on the hearth at the center of the home) with 1/2″ logs. The block will finish at 5″. I’m using up as much of my scrap pieces as I can.