They had a piece that went “One of these things just doesn’t belong here.” Can anyone tell me which one of these things is different from the others? It’s subtle and isn’t going to make any difference in a finished quilt, but it’s there.

This is my Leaders/Enders project that I am working on at the same time that I’m sewing “Square Deal” I laid the blocks out on the cutting mat so you can get an idea of the size. The two blocks on the left still need to have one more round of logs before they are finished.

And what was the commercial about “you can’t eat just one!” Well, I can’t sew just one either. These little hexie flowers are irresistible! I really can’t keep doing this.

Here’s block #44 for the Civil War Diary quilt and it’s not finished yet!! I keep fooling around with these other quilts and I get further and further behind on CWD.

On another note – we have mighty strange plants growing in our flower pots!!
Here’s better a close up.

Apparently this seemed like a wonderful place to hide her babies – until the woman with the camera showed up!!