Darling Daughter and I have been having a debate. As I’ve said in previous posts, I have been working on a “Leader/Ender” project which is a small log cabin block. Here’s a picture of some of the blocks.

The four blocks at the top of the photo are the finished size. I’ve trimmed them to be 5″ square, which will make the finished block 4 1/2″

By the way – before I tell you about our debate – does any one notice the mistake I made? I didn’t realize I’d done it until the block was finished and I’m not planning on taking it apart and re-sewing it!

I think if you have to look this closely to see a mistake, it doesn’t really count!!

Now, back to the debate. I’m trying to use scraps with this project, which is time consuming. First I have to dig out the boxes with scraps, then sort thru them, then cut the one inch strips for the logs. As I’ve been sewing, I’ve been trying to use a variety of different fabrics so that none of the blocks look the same. Well, in order to get a bigger variety I started cutting one inch strips off of full width fabrics that I have folded on the shelves in the closet – i.e. I have been cutting one inch off of a 2 yard piece of fabric, then folding it up and putting it back on the shelf.

The debate between DD and myself is this – am I “stash busting” by using one inch of a 2 yard piece OR does it not count as stash busting since it is only one inch? Keep in mind before you answer that it is many, many one inch strips! DD seems to think I am delusional for thinking that this could be called stash busting!! I believe that if I am using up fabric, no matter how small, that I will eventually run out of fabric!

Thank you for taking the time to answer this “important” question.