My tiny log cabin blocks are stacking up. Let me try to describe the process.
1) I cut the red centers – 1 1/2″ squares
2) I cut 1″ strips from a large assortment of fabrics, some scraps, some yardage.
3) Light colors go into one shoebox. I’m using neutrals predominately – cream, light beige, off-white, etc. but there is some pink, yellow, light green and light blue
4) Dark colors go into another shoebox. The darks are mostly brown with some other earth colors for accent. I also added a very few brighter colors for “pop”
5) Since some of the fabrics are medium, I make a judgement call and assign them to either the light or dark box.
6) I start with a light strip sewn onto a red square. I make a batch of 5, then press that seam open.
7) I sew a second light strip onto the first five blocks, then start five more.
8) The next round is a dark strip on the first five, a light strip on the second set of five and then a third set of five gets started.
9) I keep building my blocks up in this way until there are four rounds of logs in each block (refer back to previous posts to see a photo of completed blocks)
10) After each batch of logs is sewn on, I press the seams and sort the blocks for the next round according to what value needs to be sewn on next. Then I just sew all the darks in one batch and all the lights in another batch.
11) I wind up completing 5 blocks in every batch of sewing.
12) I just need to remember to stop when I get to 400!!!!
The decision I mentioned in the title of the post is – how do I want to lay out the blocks once they are all sewn. I’ve been using graph paper to sketch out different ideas. There is one I like a lot, but there are a few more ways I want to sketch out. Once I can upload photos again, I’ll post some of the choices and take votes to help me decide!