I think I’ve got my laptop back to where I need it to be. It took a while to get all the programs loaded back on it. Then I tried to post on my blog and couldn’t. Apparently, Word Press was having some technical issues. But I think that we are finally ready to post!!

Yeah! I can upload pictures. Isn’t this zinnia gorgeous?
OK, now that I know I can finally include photos in my posts, I need to get some input from my followers. I’m going to upload some photos of possible layouts for my tiny log cabin quilt. I’m taking votes to see which is most popular. Please help me out by commenting and telling me which one you like!

Layout #1

Sorry for my shadow in all these photos – I was in a hurry!

Layout #2

Here's what the corner of layout #2 would look like.

Layout #3

Here's what the corner of layout #3 would look like

Layout #4 - note: this has the blocks set on point and gives me a "jagged" edge

Here's what layout #4 might look like

Layout #5

I didn’t graph this out on paper, but it is also set on point.

Layout #6

Again, not drafted on paper, but I’m sure you get the idea!
When commenting please refer to the layout number included in the captions. You can vote for as many layouts as you like. Since it will be quite a while until I have enough blocks to actually put it together, I’ll be taking votes for an unspecified amount of time!
Thanks for all your help!