My fling with Square Deal is over – at least for now. I’ve finished piecing all the blocks. I haven’t put the blocks together in a flimsy yet. I can’t decide how I want to quilt it. If I put it together into a flimsy, I will want to have a long arm quilting machine to quilt it with. But I don’t know if I am ever going to get one. I’ve been working on my devious plan to get darling husband to agree to such a large purchase, but I have to wait until October to spring the trap. One of the reasons I will give for “needing” a long arm quilter will be that I have so many quilt tops that need to be quilted. In that case, I need to assemble Square Deal into a flimsy.
But, if my careful planning fails, and DH just won’t tolerate spending that much money, then I have to go with plan B for quilting. Plan B is quilting each block and then assembling the quilt. I’ve done a lot of quilts like that and they are lovely, prize-winning, fantastic quilts. So right now I’m just going to lay the finished blocks aside and keep clearing out room for the long arm quilter, so that I’m ready for October.
Meanwhile – here’s some of the blocks up on the design wall.

The finished quilt will be 49 blocks – 7×7 with a 3″ border. So far, I am planning on keeping this one to use on my bed in the spring (I think the colors are very spring-like) That could always change, I never know when I need to give a quilt as a gift to someone!