I’ve been trying to document the quilts that I’ve made. Some of them are lost to me completely. I gave them as gifts and the owners have moved away. Or, worse, the quilts have been destroyed (I know that one had a litter of puppies delivered on it!) Others belong to family members and I’ve been making an effort to contact them and get photos of the quilts. Some are in my possession, I just have to make the time to get them out and hang them up and take a picture.
Here are three:

This is one in my possession. It’s been waiting for some repairs

I just applique new diamonds over the worn pieces. It’s been to hot to do any of that kind of work right now, but I’ll get back to it this fall. There are also two small holes that were chewed through it, so I have a good bit to do. I’m not sure exactly when I started this quilt. I know I worked on it when DD was older than 2, because that is when she moved into the bedroom next to my sewing room. And she was afraid to be alone at night, so we reached a compromise – I would sew in the next room until she fell asleep. If she couldn’t hear the sewing machine running she would check to make sure I was still there!
This next quilt was started before I met DH (pre-1981) but I didn’t finish it until sometime in the early 90’s:

One DS appropriated this a few years ago. He just brought it back to me to see if I could fix it!

I think it might be easier to just make a new quilt!!

Same DS, same question.

Same answer!
Oh, but I hate to think about throwing them away. With a lot of patience I could fix them up and get many more years of use. Then again, think of all the time it’s going to take to make repairs.

You know what? Sometimes it’s really annoying to see both sides of an argument!! As always, if you have any thoughts on how to resolve this dilemma, please let me know!
Oh no, after I hit the publish button I realized that I hadn’t flipped my photos so that they are upright. Sorry about that.

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