Yesterday DH and I had a plan for the day. We were going to make a quick trip to visit with my Dad and get some furniture that he needed to get rid of. It’s a three hour drive to get to Dad’s house. We got up on time and made the trip in 2 hours and 55 minutes. Hubby was happy. Visited with Dad, loaded the furniture, went out to lunch with Dad, then got ready to start back home. That was when things started to go horribly wrong!
Dad had recommended going home a different way than we had come in – 1st mistake – we tried that and made a wrong turn. I knew that we would eventually come out somewhere that would be familiar, but that didn’t happen until after a few choice words and a good bit of tension.
But, hooray, we were on our way home. We needed to be back in our neck of the woods to meet with my Mom and I had told her it would be late afternoon. Well, it was going to be a little later afternoon, but we were still good.
Then – 2nd mistake – DH sprung a little surprise on me. Our oldest DS and family were taking care of some errands in a town about 1/2 way home. And we were supposed to meet with them so that they could show us this fantastic seafood place. Well, we did get to the fantastic seafood place, but it took a good bit of time. Then the owner of the seafood place told us how to get back to the highway. We tried that – mistake #3! We spent a lot of time driving in circles and there were a LOT of harsh words uttered!!
Finally, we made it back to the highway! I had made arrangements for DD to go take care of things with Mom, so we didn’t have to worry about our deadline. Things were looking good!!
Then we got stuck in a traffic jam!!! Apparently, a tractor trailer had overturned blocking all lanes of traffic and requiring a hazardous waste cleanup before traffic could get through. There were no alternate routes at that particular stretch of highway. It took us over an hour to travel approx. 15 miles. Ugh! Was I ever glad to get out of our vehicle!!
One small comfort through all of this is that I took my tiny hexies and got a good bit of work done on them!
Here’s my method for making them – I know there are lots of other ways.

I use my stencil to trace 5/8″ pieces of paper. I use scrap copy paper, it’s got just enough body to keep the shape without being bulky. I also use the stencil to trace 1″ pieces on my fabric.

I use washable glue stick to attach the paper to the center of the fabric pieces.

I fold the edges of the fabric over the paper and baste them down. I do not baste through the paper. These are so tiny that they retain their shape very well. I baste the center of the flower and tie it off. Then, as I finish basting each flower petal, I attach it to the center with tiny little whip stitches.

This is how I assemble each flower and background pieces so that they can go together in rows.

Here is what I had completed before our day trip – two finished rows and a few flowers. Now I have a bunch more flowers that need to have the background pieces sewn onto them and then they can be sewn into two more rows!!
Hello to Deb – thanks for voting! I’ll stop by to visit with you sometime soon.
Bev – Miss you too! Whenever I’ve been at Mom’s I think about just continuing north instead of going home!!!