Sorry I haven’t posted. I apologize to all of blog land, those that follow my blog and the blogs that I follow. I know I just wrote in my last post that I hate to visit a blog and not see any new posts. But now I realize that life gets in the way sometimes.
Mom has been having a lot of problems with her health lately. She had surgery on her knee less than two months ago and is recovering from that fairly well. But she is also having tummy issues. She seems to be nauseous ALL the time, which means that she can’t keep anything down when she eats or drinks. Then she gets dehydrated, which requires a visit to the ER to get IV fluids.
The doctors have done a whole battery of tests, but they can’t seem to find any reason for her problems. Their latest theory is Diabetic Gastroparesis – but they haven’t confirmed that yet. She is to go to a specialist on Sept 7.
Meanwhile, I am trying to go see her as frequently as possible to help with chores around her place. Since she is using a walker to get around because of her knee, she can’t get a lot of cleaning done. And, right now, she feels so sick that she hasn’t really been getting anything done. Any prayers for her recovery are very welcome.
DH and I did take a break on Sunday and go visit with some extended family. We rode the bike despite the possibility of rain. We managed to avoid any showers, although we did drive through one area where it had just rained shortly before.
Then we had a lovely, relaxing visit with Kevin and Beverly. Bev and I compared our progress on our tiny, little hexie quilts. She’s really going to town! I did manage to get another row sewn together, but I still need to attach it to the other rows.
Since I haven’t done too much sewing, I thought I’d include some photos of other quilts.

This is a yo-yo quilt that I made a number of years ago (don’t ask me when, my memory isn’t that good!)

I put my yo-yos together like a grandmother’s flower garden.
This won a blue ribbon at the local county fair.

This is one that I did not make. I found this at a yard sale many years ago and paid a ridiculously small price for it. Obviously, the young woman selling it had no idea of it’s value. I confess that I didn’t really have any idea at the time I purchased it. I didn’t ask any questions about the creator of this quilt, so it has joined the ranks of the great unknown.

Hope everyone has a nice day!