I volunteered to take on another project (what was I thinking!!) Actually, I think this will be fun and it shouldn’t take too long (famous last words!!)
Last Tuesday – the 13th – I was invited to join a quilt group at their monthly meeting. I hadn’t ever heard of this group until that morning, but I decided to go. Am I glad I did! First, it’s nice to know that there are other quilters in the area. Second, they were a very welcoming group of ladies. Third, I found out that a play that I enjoyed very much is going into production again and will be showing sometime in November. The title of the play is . .

appropriately . . .

Wait for it . . .


The director of the play came to speak to the quilt group because they are going to make the most important props for the play. Can anyone guess what those props could be? Oh you’re all so smart! That’s right, they need a quilt. We (I’m including myself in the quilt group now) are each to make two 20″ blocks. One will be used on its own during the play while a quilter “stitches” it. The second will go into a finished quilt that will be revealed at the end of the play.
Here’s my pattern:

This is what I get for not being able to be at the meeting where we picked our blocks – I get the one that no one wants to do because it’s all diamonds! Well, I’ve done diamonds before, so I’ll do them again.
Here’s the fabrics that were chosen for me:

I think these fabrics will make a pretty block.