Earlier this summer I spent a very good day with a young lady of my acquaintance. She went through my (extensive) stash and picked out some very bright color fabrics. I cut some squares and showed her how the sewing machine works. Mine has a wonderful button for teaching – there is a slow, medium and fast setting. I set the stitching to slow and she went to town. I was then supposed to layer and quilt it for her. Well, I finally did that yesterday, since she was back with me for the day, off sick from school, but not so sick that she couldn’t sew! (I hope I never get THAT sick!!!)
Well, once I got it quilted, she picked out a binding fabric.

She does like bright colors!

So here is her little quilt with the binding stitched on the front and pinned on the back.

I told her that she needed to hand stitch the binding and she rolled her eyes. She prefers machine stitching.

As for my own projects – I keep plugging away. I’ve been averaging about 2 flowers per day for the little hexie quilt. At this rate, I should have the top finished by mid-October. Then I need to decide on a border and get it quilted.

I haven’t worked on the log cabins very much in the past week. I decided to “organize” my sewing studio – do not laugh, I am . . . Really!!

Ok, I’m rummaging around in boxes, finding all sorts of WIPS, rearranging it all and putting it back in the closet!! Well, I did sort out one box of junk, er, I mean wonderful craft supplies to give to some young friends of mine.

I did find a post from “crazy mom quilts” (crazymomquilts.blogspot.com) about organizing scraps. It will take me years to go through all my scraps and sort them, but I liked her ideas. I especially liked one lady’s comment “You’re supposed to save the scraps?” OMGoodness – she throws her scraps away?!?