I am still feeling so much more peaceful (or, as Bev says, pieceful) since we had our weekend retreat. We all worked on our hexie quilts.

Here’s Bev’s (along with an idea of how much stuff we brought with us!)

Here is a not-very-good shot of Barb’s – it’s just below the tissue box in the center of the coffee table. Note the Bonnie Hunter books to the side. I think I’m going to have to get them for my library.

Barb is so neat and orderly. She cut and prepared all these pieces for her flowers and lined them all up so tidily – very different from my style!! I only wish I could be that organized!

It’s so secluded at the cabin. We were able to watch this doe leisurely nibble on some browse just after we had finished our supper Saturday evening. The lighting conditions were not perfect and I was trying to get a decent shot without disturbing her. I took about 12 photos and this is the only one that turned out in reasonable focus!