Hooray! I finished the donation quilt that I started over the weekend. That means I can mark off January’s donation quilt. Now I need to do one for February and I will be caught up on my resolution. (until next week when I will have to have one for March!!)

Here are some other quilts that were being worked on over the weekend (forgive me if I don’t get names correct, my memory is spotty at best!)

Vicki was working on this one. I love the color combination. I may have to make a quilt for myself with these colors in it.

Like I said, my memory is spotty – I can’t remember the name of the lady that was working on this quilt. I really like the nine patches set on point.

One of two quilt tops that Bev had ready for quilting. Brown, red and cream – another color combination that I would like to work with.

Really looking forward to quilt retreat this weekend!!!