DH surprised me yesterday – I mean really surprised me!! He has done work for a lady many times in the past and he was talking with her yesterday. This lady is a quilter and she knows that I quilt. During the conversation she told DH that he needed to tell me that she is going to be getting rid of a sizable portion of her stash due to a move and because she doesn’t quilt as much as she used to. Shockingly, DH actually called me and told me that I would have the opportunity to get BOXES and BOXES of fabric!!! Now if that isn’t love, what is??? I thought it was the most romantic thing he’s ever done!! 🙂

OK, now that I’ve made you all swoon with envy, I’m going to finish the post from yesterday.

I sub-cut my strip sets into 3 1/2″

Then sewed those strips into blocks:

Aren’t they lovely nine patch blocks? But, seriously, did you think I was giving all this description for just a plain nine patch block? Come on, give me a little credit!! I wouldn’t go to all this trouble for a simple nine patch!! I wouldn’t drop all the other projects because I found notes on how to make a nine patch – No, it’s a little more involved than that.

It’s a “Disappearing Nine Patch”!!!!

Cut each nine patch block into quarters:

Now rotate two of the blocks so that the centers are on the outer corners. Sew the block back together and voila!

You have now made your nine patch disappear!