I didn’t get much done this weekend. I spent the day on Saturday with Mom and DH going to my sister’s birthday party. It was so nice to visit with family.

On Sunday, after church, DH and I spent the day with DS#2 and the grandchildren. We planned a lovely ride on the ATVs. And it was lovely until DS blew the belt on his. We spent the rest of the afternoon towing him back to his garage. But then we all went for ice cream, so it ended on a positive note.

I have started pulling fabric for the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. I thought I had more pink fabrics than this:

Well, actually I do. But they are really pink. I wanted to go with a softer tone for this like the original twelve blocks. So I didn’t pull out anything that was too bright or too pink. I’m looking for softer rose colors. But have no fear – I haven’t looked through all of the stash yet!! We’ll see how much more variety I can come up with.