Tomorrow I’ll be going to a quilt show with my two great friends. (yes, Bev and Barb, that’s you!!) So I won’t be around for the actual St. Patrick’s Day. Hope everyone has a good one. Remember to wear green so you don’t get pinched!

I’m not sure if the cat thinks it is a chicken or if she’s trying to set them at ease so that she can try to catch one!

I haven’t done anything in the sewing studio lately. This is not a good thing when I am trying to keep a blog about quilting!! I received my copy of Quilting Arts magazine yesterday and I sat down in the studio to read it. Does that count? I especially enjoyed the article on the back page by Robbi Joy Eklow – The Goddess of the Last Minute. I’ll quote a small portion that hit home.

“I was wondering if I was becoming a hoarder, and I worried about what my family would think if anything happened to me and they had to clean out my supplies.”

ZING!! Did that ever hit home!! She goes on to write about getting her sewing studio tidied up. Well, I certainly need to do that!! But not today. Today I need to go work for my other boss.