When I was at the quilt show the other week I did give in to temptation a few lot of times!! Mostly I collected pink and neutral fabrics to go into the Disappearing Nine Patch. But I also bought a template set to make something like this:

This is a small sample that was at the booth where I bought the template set. I did, at least, get the small set not the miniature set!! And this is what I was thinking – I have an antique quilt that uses the same design:

I could make a quilt just like my antique!! Only with smaller pieces!! Because I have so much time on my hands and hardly anything to do!!!! Read that last sentence with lots and lots of heavy sarcasm!! 😉

Well, I am not going to start it now, because I really do have to get the taxes done before I start on any new projects. But I will have the templates here whenever I do decide to start.