My weekend of sewing didn’t go exactly like I planned. I wanted to get a lot of sewing done. Instead, I hit a speed bump (AGAIN!)

Early Saturday morning I decided to cut out the remaining pieces for the Christmas Mystery quilt. So I set up the cutting mat on the kitchen table because, of course, there was too much stuff on my cutting table in the sewing room. I used my handy dandy 12 1/2″ square ruler and my rotary cutter and starting slashing through the focus fabric. It needed to be cut into 11 1/2″ squares. I also cut the other accent fabric into 6″ squares and then I was ready to sew the quilt top together.

First I had to sew the small squares onto the corners of the 11 1/2″ blocks to make a large snowball block. Zoom, zoom, zoom – I ran them through the sewing machine in no time flat. Then I trimmed the corners and pressed them nice and flat. Oh, I was on a ROLL!!

I sewed all the 6″ accent blocks to the corresponding sashing pieces and then I was ready to sew the big snowball blocks to the remaining sashing pieces.

That is when disaster struck!!

Apparently, early in the morning is not a good time to cut out big blocks of fabric! Apparently, the markings on the ruler are easy to confuse at that time of day! Apparently, I cut out 11″ squares instead of 11 1/2″ squares!!!

Now I have a large amount of the quilt already sewn together and the pieces are not going to play nice together. What’ll I do?

Here are three possible solutions:

First, I could un-sew the accent blocks and sashing, cut them all down slightly and make the blocks work in a slightly smaller size. The points will not match very well, but it would still retain the basic look.

Second, DH suggested that I add some strips to the centers of the snowball blocks to make them the correct size. I only need to add 1/2″ so this gives an idea of what a contrasting fabric would look like with only 1/2″ added. Other variations of this option would be to cut more of the center away so that the cross is wider and more prominent; OR use strips of the same fabric so that it would not be as noticeable; OR use strips of the gold accent fabric so that the cross matches the cornerstone blocks. I’m sure there are other variations that I haven’t thought of.

Third, make new snowball blocks – IN THE CORRECT SIZE!!! This is some other fabric that I had on hand. I don’t think that this fabric is a good option, but some other fabric might work. I would have to un-sew all the corners on the wrong size snowballs and re-sew them onto the new 11 1/2″ squares.

Or maybe there is another option, that I haven’t thought of. What do you think? How do I rescue this quilt? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, since I’m stuck with a mental block until I get this figured out.