I am so happy that it is now April 18!!! I’m done dealing with the Infernal Revenue Service for another year!!

DH and I decided to make a quick trip to the cabin last night. He wanted to check on things and I have a sewing (not quilting) project that I needed to measure for. We spent a few hours relaxing and going over the projects that we want to work on this summer. Then, unfortunately, we had to come home. But on the way home, DH spotted something.

He has such sharp eyes! I never noticed anything until he pointed it out!

Then he asked, “Do you see that?” and pointed out the window of the truck. Well, since he was pointing in the general direction of three acres of pond water and another 8 acres of open land, I wasn’t sure what it was he wanted me to see!! But finally I noticed:

A beaver – and a pretty good size one, at that! We spent about another hour watching and taking pictures.

I love living in the country.