I’ve been sitting here for over an hour NOT posting on my blog! This is ridiculous! I keep looking at the empty screen and then filing receipts or paying bills or getting up to check on something, etc. etc. etc.

What I need is some anti-procrastination pills! Or a nice cup of tea and some uninterrupted quilting time! But while I would love to spend the day quilting, what I have to do is (the order of priority is determined by DH):

first priority – get the office work done
second priority – clean the house
third priority – fix something yummy for supper
fourth priority – well, let’s just say DH came up with this list, so I think you can figure out what this item is!!!

According to DH, quilting is way at the bottom of the list. I think 5th, 6th and 7th on the list would include cleaning out the garage, changing the oil in the vehicle and plowing up the back 40 interspersed with more of priority #4 of course!!! After all of that, in my free time, he would generously allow me a couple minutes of quilting time! Naturally, after I’ve seen to the needs of any children or grandchildren that happen to be around!

Okay, maybe I’m a little aggravated with some of the demands that are being made on my time today! Maybe I need to take a “chill pill” Maybe I need to tell DH what he can do with his priorities!!!!

What I think I will do is have that cup of tea, turn on some good music and quilt for half of an hour. Then I’ll dig in and work seriously on #1,2 and 3. After that, well, I’ll think about #4, but I offer no guarantees!!!!