Yes, in general, I’m a winner in life (I think!)

But I have also won something!! I commented on a blog and won a book giveaway!

Here’s the story:

You may have noticed the button on the right sidebar of my page for Quilter Blogs. It isn’t a nice pretty button anymore because Quilter Blogs switched to If you click where it says Quilter Blogs it will take you to, but I’ve not found a new button that will look nice on my blog. (Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough; if someone finds a button, let me know.) Anyway, I usually check out most days, just to see what other people are blogging about. It’s a great source of inspiration.

Last week, I saw a post with the title “My 7 Dirty Quilting Secrets – What are Yours?” by Crafty Garden Mom (check her out at I’ve been developing a similar idea for a blog post and really liked hers. So I commented (everyone should comment about posts, it’s so encouraging to hear that people have taken time to read what you have to say!)

Well, everyone that commented that day was put into a drawing to win a book that she was giving away. And I won! Woo-hoo!

I’m intrigued by this book. I don’t usually do modern or minimalist, but this might be just the inspiration I need for some of the menfolk in my life. Most of them are not into fancy, flower, frou-frou quilts. So a modern, minimal quilt might be the answer. I’m going to be anxiously checking the mailbox in the coming days until it arrives.